Please see the table below for a table of guide prices for our workshop services, as of 3rd January 2020. Our basic workshop labour charge is £6 per 10 mins (i.e. £36 per hour). The minimum charge for any job is £6.

Please contact us by phone or email, or drop into the shop if you have any questions.

Services Basic £35
(plus parts unless noted) Basic brake adjustment, basic gear adjustment, tyres checked & inflated, bearings checked, all bolts correctly tightened, chain lubrication
Standard £70

As Basic service, plus: replacement of gear and brake inner & outer cables (if necessary), tyre/tube replacement (if necessary), brake pad replacement (if necessary), drivetrain de-grease and re-lube, wheel truing, all bearings checked and adjusted (strip, clean & re-grease charged extra if required)
+ complimentary hot or cold drink

Complete £115

As Standard service, plus: all components stripped from frame & cleaned, all components checked for wear and serviced or replaced as necessary, full cable replacement (cables included), all serviceable bearings cleaned & re-greased, full re-assembly to manufacturer's torque specs, tuning for optimum function
+ complimentary hot or cold drink

Service Add-Ons (pricing only as part of Standard & Complete services)
Hydraulic brake bleed (per brake) £10
Suspension linkage and pivot bearing service (+ bearings at cost) £30
Fork lower leg/shock air can service (each) £25
Wheels Fit new tyre or inner tube (excl. tyre/tube) £8
(per wheel) Tubeless setup (incl. Peaty's sealant & rim tape) £25
Wheel true £15
Front wheel spoke replacement & true (+ £3 per spoke) £20
Rear wheel spoke replacement & true (+ £3 per spoke) £25
Hub service £20
Wheel build £30
Wheel build (own parts supplied) £40
Brakes Brake adjustment £10
(per brake)
Replace brake cable & adjust (excl. cable) £15
Replace brake pads & adjust (excl. pads) £15
Brake clean & service (excl. parts) £20
Cable-actuated brake fitting £20
Hydraulic brake fitting & bleed (incl. fluid) £25
Hydraulic brake bleed (incl. fluid) £20
Drivetrain Gear indexing & adjustment (front/rear) £10

Replace gear cable & adjust (excl. cable) (front/rear) £15
Chain fit/replacement £10
Drivetrain service (remove, clean, refit, setup) £40
Suspension Fork lower leg service £30
Fork full service £70
Rear shock air can service £30
Rear shock full service £70
Linkage & pivot bearing service (+ bearings at cost) £45
Miscellaneous Headset fitting £15
Headset replacement £25
Bottom bracket fitting £15
Bottom bracket replacement £25
Bar tape/grip fitting £10
Dropper post fitting £20
RockShox Reverb bleed (incl. fluid) £20
General bike wash/clean £20
Invisiframe fitting to bare frame (free with frame/bike purchases) £60 + kit
Bike builds Bike boxed for transport £30
New bike from box From £30
Custom build From £90

Please note that above prices are representative only. We reserve the right to alter prices based on the age, condition and type of bike or for unusually complex jobs. Prices (including services) are exclusive of parts unless otherwise stated. We reserve the right to add a reasonable surcharge if you supply your own parts for fitting, due to potential compatibility issues. Bikes brought in to us in a particularly dirty state may incur a cleaning fee of up to £20. Bikes not collected on the agreed date may incur a storage fee of £10 per day at our discretion.

We will endeavour to keep you informed of the status and cost of any work we undertake. However, we're not here to rip you off or sell you parts you don't need! After 6 weeks without effort made to collect, we reserve the right to sell or dispose of uncollected bikes to free up space and recoup costs.